The Alchemist

from by Philmont

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“The Alchemist” is written as a metaphorical debate for creation. The song’s protagonist sets out to disprove creationism by showing that through science we have the potential to create and recreate the world around us (alchemy is, by definition, the practice of turning ordinary objects to gold). The first-person narrative follows our scientist as he struggles with research and calculations that point toward a solution he did not intend to find. He finally bows to the evidence, and confesses his conversion to believing in a higher power. The bottom line here is that mankind is the created, not the creator.


the problem is the alchemy
it just might be the death of me
cause I know that I’m stuck but I’m not giving up that easy
I know there’s got to be a way to mix these things and somehow make the perfect recipe
There simply has to be
for years I’ve been a scientist respected and esteemed
this lab became my home
these formulas are my family
when I’m sought out to find a cause it simply means one thing
failure’s not allowed
the truth will be revealed to me

I’ve found the answer
it’s not what I was searching for-- no

it seems science can’t explain
in full detail everything to me
my work has been in vain
there’s no way to replicate these things
The evidence is on my desk and strewn about my lab
but there’s no cause to this effect something everything should have
now I retreat accept defeat
admit that I’m a fool
for ever trying to explain the unexplainable

what am I supposed to say
shall I tell them all to live by faith
and stand there as they laugh right in my face
there’s no system there’s no method here and that’s not the way we operate


from The Transition EP, released October 19, 2010



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Philmont Charlotte, North Carolina

Formed in May of 2005, Philmont is a Christ-centered, ministry-focused, five-piece rock band from Charlotte, NC. We strive to bring a message of hope to today's youth in a concert setting through positive, uplifting music and personal interactions.

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